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First interview by the journalist Dr. med. Janusch with the two organizers

Wolfgang Petz and Iris Mauderer from MPM Mediaservice, the organizer of the ALPIRACE 2018

D.J .: Iris, you organize with the company MPM Mediaservice the ALPIRACE - The World Sleddog Trophy. What was the motivation to revive the successful classic after ten years now?

I.M .: In recent years, we have successfully carried out the sponsoring and media marketing for international sleddog events, including last year's WSA European Championships in Inzell. Here we were repeatedly asked by sponsors, as well as by the athletes after the continuation of the ALPIRACE Trophy.

D.J .: What is the current status of the ALPIRACE?

W.P .: After negotiating with various potential racing locations starting in the summer until autumn, we decided in favor of Mauterndorf, in the Salzburg Alps and for Millegrobbe in Trentino in Italy.

D.J .: What was decisive for these two racing locations?

I.M .: For the ALPIRACE we had different claim profiles, which we put to the possible ALPIRACE racing locations. On the one hand, the racing venues should already have experience with international sled dog sporting events and, on the other, be as snow-sure as possible from the altitude.

D.J .: Was that the reason why you did not consider a German racecourse?

W.P .: You can not say that in general. It is true that there are only a few racing locations in Germany that reach the magical 1.000 m altitude. We have negotiated with one of these racing location ready for completion and it looks good for 2019.

D.J .: What expectations do your numerous sponsors have for the ALPIRACE racing locations?

W.P .: Exactly how the top athletes themselves, put the sponsors especially on a snow sure high altitude value. This is solely for the reason that their investments for the support of the events are as secure as possible. On the other hand, the sponsors also wish for an attractive tourist offer for their business associates who would like to dignify them in hotels in the hospitility service.

D.J .: Is not it unhappy that two stage races take place simultaneously?

W.P .: That is indeed unfortunate, although we have already set the ALPIRACE date in early summer. In doing so, we took into account the previous year's date of the stage race in the low mountain ranges of the new federal states and terminated the ALPIRACE thereafter. When we announced the ALPIRACE data at the VDSV Association Congress, we learned for the first time that the date for the race in the new federal states was postponed by one week. Despite all efforts to postpone the ALPIRACE event, this failed due to the full schedules of our partner tourism associations.

D.J .: What can you say about the starting field for the ALPIRACE?

I.M .: Numerous athletes from the European top class such Rudi Ropertz, Detlef Oyen, Mateusz Surowka, Stefan Donker and many others signed up for ALPIRACE. But also musher legends, such as Horst Maas or our longtime former VDSV president dr. Jürgen Lüber are there.

D.J .: Is the ALPIRACE mainly occupied with German starters or does the upcoming event follow the international character of the previous ALPIRACE events?

I.M .: Traditionally, it is the top people who have reported. Naturally you will not find them in one country. These come from several European countries, such as Finland or also from Southern and Eastern Europe. There are currently seven nations at the start, with five other nations expressing their interest in ALPIARCE.

D.J .: Now, among your aforementioned mushers, you could also find some of the parallel events on the list of participants.

W.P .: That's right, and most of them have officially discussed this with us before. This also corresponds to the meanwhile practiced procedure of always booking a second race in order, in the case, for example the snow-related failure of a race to have an alternative. In this respect, that is understandable and for us absolutely o.k.

D.J .: Regarding the altitude and the associated snow safety, the factors speak clearly for the ALPIRACE.

I.M .: That is true, but due to the very different climatic conditions, can theoretically, even a much higher located racing place under worst conditions suffer from snow shortage.

D.J .: What about the current snow conditions of the ALPIRACE racing locatins for the competitions taking place at the time?

W.P .: Even if it has no significance for the duration of the event, we are already attentively following the snow conditions in the low mountain ranges compared to the higher altitude ALPIRACE racing locations. To our knowledge, some racing locations in the low mountains currently have no snow. In Mauterndorf 25 cm are reported in the village and up to 55 cm in the valley and in Millegrobbe in the village 30 cm and in the valley up to 50 cm.

D.J .: Since Musher, as you have already stated, usually book two alternative racing venues, it would be reasonable to assume in doubt that a flood of reports is to be expected shortly before the ALPIRACE. How do you deal with it?

I.M .: In view of the fact that, in addition to the ALPIRACE applications available to us, our Italian friends from F.I.M.S.S. claiming a quota and receiving more international reports every day, it is to be expected that our quota will be filled quickly. As a result, the capacity will make it difficult to accommodate more athletes. Especially since we ordered only a limited number of start numbers. As a result, participants who do not register in time in the next few days are difficult to place in the starting field.

D.J .: Would not it make sense to increase the starting grid by the number of participants? The start and registration fees contribute significantly to the sled dog races to finance the events.

W.P .: That's right and also applies to most sleddog races, but is quite different in the ALPIRACE.

D.J .: What do you mean by that?

W.P .: With a starting and registration fee of only 149, - €, we are incomparably cheap at the ALPIRACE. This is only possible and wanted at ALPIRACE because we pass on the sponsoring investments of our industrial cooperation partners to our ALPIRACE participants. This means that the minimum amount of 149, - € will be subsidized by industry with around 100, - €. At the same time, however, this also means that if we increase the starter quota, we would have to transfer the sponsoring of our industrial partners to more participants, thus increasing the start and registration fees as the number of participants increases.

D.J .: The ALPIRACE was and is well known for musher evenings with high quality food. How can this be reconciled in view of the small fee of 149, - €?

I.M .: Here come together several positive factors. On the one hand, the two tourism associations in Mauterndorf and Millegrobbe are potentially very strong partners who strongly support the ALPIRACE in this area. The same goes for our sponsors, especially for Happy Dog and Limnea BestCare and Greenheart Premiums, represented by our sports friend Frans Weisscher. Everyone supports the musher evenings perfectly.

D.J .: In advance it can be heard that, as in the former ALPIRACE in Nauders on the Reschenpass, the participants are raised to the Musher evening in Mauterndorf by gondola at 2.000 m altitude to the mountain restaurant Panoramaalm free of charge.

I.M .: That's right. Here we have to thank the Tourism Association Mauterndorf.. Here is a meat fondue on the menu. In Millegrobbe there are two evenings with musher meals. Here, of course, we are looking forward to the world famous Italian cuisine. In addition, our sponsor Greenheart Premium invites you for a Dutch evening with a snack at the campfire on the stake out.

D.J .: It was to be heard that during the rest days at the ALPIRACE various seminars are offered.

I.M .: Yes, that's right. At the moment the nutritional seminar is secured by the diploma biologist Andreas Heisig from the Limnea Institute. Our sponsor, Andreas Heisig, who has already worked as a university professor in his professional career and has been involved in the development of dog food for many years, gave a short lecture at the COLOGNE MEDIA CUP, which was visited by numerous topmusher. Due to the enormous demand to repeat the workshop in a more extensive setting, Mr. Heisig has responded to our request for another workshop and will keep it for interested mushers.
In addition, we are currently negotiating for two more lectures with renowned experts. We hope to announce further details shortly.

D.J.: The international sleddog races, which are supervised by you in the media and sponsoring technical area, have the reputation to achieve best values ​​in the field of media placement in TV, print, online and radio media. Is there innovation in this area too?

W.P .: They do exist. In addition to the general marketing of ALPIRACE itself, we are increasingly concentrating on the media marketing of ALPIRACE mushers internationally and nationally, and especially on their regional media in the catchment area of ​​the musher residences.
For this purpose, we now have access to the best media database in the world, from which we can gather 747.000 media contacts from the field of TV, radio, online and print media with the up-to-date contact persons in the editorial offices. This enables us to identify and consider even a small daily paper at every location in Europe.

D.J .: A good media presence is certainly very important for the awareness of the ALPIRACE, or how do you see that?

I.M .: Yes, that is true, but to the same extent, the athletes benefit of course, if not even more. A good media presence is always the best basis to acquire new and further sponsors for the own sleddog team. For experience has shown that the rule of thumb "who has the media, has also the sponsors" is the whole truth.

D.J .: Many thanks Iris and Wolfgang for your internal insights. Obviously you are well on your way with the ALPIRACE, although probably a lot of work will be waiting for you until the ALPIRACE. In this respect Toi Toi Toi, all the best and much success.


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